Dukan Diet 2: Nutritional Staircase

A balanced, gentle and gradual method. 

Since the phenomenal success of his method in the early 2000s, Pierre Dukan has travelled the world studying and gather further information; As has been the case throughout his career, these encounters have led him to enhance his method. 

A balanced week with constant weight loss 

The nutritional staircase is a set of 7 steps which reflect the importance in terms of weight loss categories of foods as they are introduced on each successive day. 

The first two steps consist of eating unlimited quantities of the 100 allowed foods. 

The weight loss is gradual and constant,* as you develop good eating habits that you will continue in the long-term, providing the basis for consolidation, followed by successful stabilisation.  



* loss observed in a sample of 80 people over two months: between 700 and 800g per week

At each step a new category of foods is available to ensure extra motivation! 

7 steps to climb, one step a day: each day incorporates a new family of foods, so that you are rewarded on an ongoing basis and remain motivated over the long term, thereby encouraging those who make the choice to lose weight less quickly but without any frustration, satisfyng any cravings with a celebration meal on Sunday.


Monday: start with a clean slate; a day of natural protein with no restrictions on quantities 

Tuesday: Introduction of as many vegetables as you like! 

Wednesday: Fruits can now be added to your menus 

Thursday: Finally some bread, whole wheat of course! 

Friday: Time for some cheese! 

Saturday: Starchy foods can now be included (pasta, etc.) 

Sunday: Relax and enjoy the weekend with a celebration meal! 

The Nutritional Staircase is the basis of the consolidation phase 

It introduces the necessary foods consumed together in the prescribed doses during the third phase of the Dukan method. As the days pass, your body gradually adapts and the attitude of never regaining weight becomes "hard-wired" as a mental reflex.

The Nutritional Staircase enables you to lose weight at your own speed by learning to control your weight within a more flexible, relaxed framework.

The Nutritional Staircase is made for you:


if you have regained a little weight since your last diet,

if you just want to lose a few pounds,

or if want to take your time and lose a lot of weight gradually, without any frustration

No unsatisfied cravings or restrictions in your social or family life!

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